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International Tax & Transfer Pricing Support for Businesses in India | Harchandani & Associates

Need guidance on international tax and transfer pricing matters? Harchandani & Associates provides comprehensive advisory, consultancy, and litigation support to ensure you navigate these complexities with confidence.

Our Services Include:
  • International Tax & Transfer Pricing Strategy: We handle all aspects of international taxation and transfer pricing, ensuring compliance and optimizing your tax position.
  • Tax Treaty Analysis & MLI Impact: We analyze relevant tax treaties (DTAAs) and the impact of the Multilateral Instrument (MLI) on your specific situation.
  • Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) Maximization: We assist in claiming legitimate Foreign Tax Credits (FTCs) to minimize your overall tax burden.
  • Lower/Nil Rate Certificate Applications: Our team helps you obtain lower or nil rate certificates where applicable.
  • Transfer Pricing Study Reports: We prepare comprehensive Transfer Pricing Study Reports that meet regulatory requirements.
  • International Tax Compliance: We ensure you comply with all international tax regulations, including CbCR, Master File, Local File, etc.
  • Tax Residency Certificates (TRCs): We assist you in obtaining Tax Residency Certificates (TRCs) from the Income Tax Department.
  • Tax Dispute Resolution: We provide skilled representation before Transfer Pricing Officers (TPOs), Assessing Officers (AOs) during assessments, and appellate authorities like CIT(A) and ITAT.
  • Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs): We guide you through the process of securing Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) for tax certainty.
  • GAAR Analysis: We analyze your transactions from a General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR) perspective to mitigate potential risks.

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